Summit4CAD Founder Jon Patrick Hyde Named American Heart Association Ambassador

Summit4CAD Founder Jon Patrick Hyde Named American Heart Association Ambassador

April 14th, 2020 – Santa Barbara, CA – Summit4CAD founder Jon Patrick Hyde has been named an Ambassador for the American Heart Association, representing the Central Coast of California.

“I’m incredibly honored to have been asked to represent such an amazing organization.  The American Heart Association is so much more than prevention education, community outreach, and survivor support; the AHA funds vital research which has resulted in advances in medications, technology and surgical techniques which have saved lives… mine included.”

Jon was the keynote speaker at this year’s Go Red for Women luncheon in Santa Barbara, Friday, February 14th, 2020.  This event premiered a promotional video shot for the American Heart Association which features Jon and his survival story.

This video will be featured to present Jon’s story as he participates in events throughout Central California on behalf of the American Heart Association.

Jon is the event chair for the inaugural American Heart Association/American Stroke Association CycleNation, a cycling oriented event designed to raise awareness of Stroke and Heart Disease risks.

CycleNation will be held May 30th, 2020, in Santa Barbara, CA at Mad Fitness.  For more information please visit:

Author: summit4cad

I am a widowmaker heart attack survivor who beat the odds. I survived a 100% blockage of my LAD with zero residual heart damage; which is practically unheard of. I attribute my survival and full recovery to my steadfast dedication to daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Summit4CAD is a non-profit, educational public benefit corporation headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. My goal with Summit4CAD is to help spread awareness for the causes, symptoms, and treatment of CAD (Coronary Artery Disease); the NUMBER ONE cause of dead world-wide. CAD is inherited and many people are completely unaware that they are suffering from life-threatening heart disease until it's too late. Know your risk and if heart disease runs in your family, get screened! Don't be like me; I was beyond lucky. The statistics are that if you suffer an out-of-the-blue widowmaker similar to the one I did; you will not survive. 90% of the people who have widowmakers die. Life is beautiful. Heart disease is treatable. Heart attacks CAN be prevented. "The best way to survive a heart attack is to never have one to begin with." Thank you for taking the time to visit Summit4CAD and hey! No excuses! Go ride a bicycle!!!!

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