I think I’m having a heart attack, what should I do?

Call 911 or contact emergency services in the area where you live immediately. Do NOT drive yourself to the hospital.

Most importantly – REMAIN CALM! Many heart attack victims suffer from elevated stress or a panic attack as they are experiencing their heart attack. It’s hard to not panic because frankly, it’s probably the most painful thing you’ll ever experience.

It was for me. Even if you are not in tremendous pain, it is a very scary situation and it’s VITAL that you not give into panic or fear. Focus on something that keeps you calm and keeps you thinking.

**Panic causes your body to produce adrenaline – which makes your heart beat faster. If you are experiencing a heart attack, making your heart beat faster may very well cause your heart to fail completely.

I cannot stress enough – stay calm and stay focused on getting through your ordeal and being alive and healthy when it is over. Doing this will greatly improve your chances for survival and recovery.

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