Cycling is a sport where the majority of the energy expended is done so to simply negate the laws of physics.  70-90% of any riding effort is spent overcoming aerodynamic drag/wind resistance.  This means that the lighter your bicycle, the more aerodynamic it is, the more aerodynamic it’s components, and the more aerodynamic you are – can make a huge difference in energy consumption and endurance.  Other factors such as age, conditioning, natural ability, and mental attitude are significant in regards to successfully reaching any given cycling goal.  Add other variables such as road conditions, weather, and atmosphere, and tackling a major cycling course on paper may look nearly impossible.

When you can attack an iconic/challenging ride with the best equipment possible you negate some of the difficulties you’d face with inferior gear.  The truth is that sometimes the few watts of energy saved per pedal stroke with lighter/more aerodynamic gear are the watts you’ll need to successfully finish a ride.

This being said the best gear is rarely affordable to non-professionals.  This is why strategic partnerships with leading tech companies who were willing to sponsor Summit4CAD’s equipment needs was a top priority for Jon when he founded Summit4CAD.

The following companies have shown their commitment to the health and well being of the people who would use their products by embracing Summit4CAD’s Mission, Values, and Vision of a world where CAD isn’t a death sentence. 


Eagle Bicycles is a USA-Based designer and builder of high-end, professional grade bicycles and cycling components.  Built for speed, durability, and comfort, Eagle is quickly building a stellar reputation among professional and amateur cycling competitors. Click to learn more…

Rotor Bike Components is a Spain-based innovator in cycling drivetrain (cranks, chain rings, and group sets) components.  Known for exacting quality and precision manufacturing, Rotor’s ground-breaking oval chain rings and aerodynamic cranks are found on the bicycles of the greatest professional cyclists in the World.
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Smith Sport Optics is a USA-based maker of innovative vision and sporting equipment.  A world-leader in optics technology, Smith is a dominant name in professional winter sporting equipment (skiing helmets & goggles) who has made an aggressive move into the world of professional cycling.
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Scicon is an Italy-based manufacturer of the best protective travel bags and cases for cycling in the world.  No other brand instills the trust or confidence that Scicon does when it comes to flying across the world for a cycling event.  Award winning ergonomics married with the best quality materials sets Scicon a world apart.
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